- CR 1271 -The elegant copper color of the kettle makes it stand out on the kitchen counter immediately. -Large family kettle, allowing to boil water for tea for 6-7 people due to power of 2200 W. -Equipped with a two-sided water level gauge, also convenient for left-handed users. The kettle will switch off automatically after boiling water. -The dry boil protection will also prevent the activation of an empty kettle, thus saving energy and ensuring the user's safety. -The removable anti-calc filter will ensure adequate water quality. -For convenience, it has been equipped with a button to support the lid opening, a rotating base and a flat heater. -The kettle is made of stainless steel and equipped with a LED control lamp. Elegance and modern design. -The kettle can be filled up to 1.7 liters of water at a time. -Capacity 1.7L -Power 2200 W -Stainless steel shade case in copper -Double-sided water level indicator equally convenient for right- and left-handed users -Calcium sediment trap filter can be removed and washed with running water -Auto shutdown -Protection against switching on an empty kettle -360 degree rotary base -LED control light -Flat bottom (heater in the bottom plate)

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