-The maximum input voltage is 450VDC. -Integration of an MPPT charge controller optimizes the charging and discharging of the battery, making it last as long as possible. -Priority can be given to charging via the grid or the connected PV system. -The system can also be remotely monitored using a WiFi or GPRS dongle. Parallel scaling is supported. -The MPPT charge controller lowers the voltage of panels to the required level to charge the battery. -The charge controller also makes sure the battery will not be overcharged, but also not fully discharged. -A separate dongle allows the inverter to be accessed remotely. -There is a WiFi and a GPRS version. -Data can always be inspected and priority can be given to either power from the grid or from the PV installation. -The system’s capacity can be expanded up to 30kW by combining a total of six of these units in parallel operation. -The Wifi Module of the Solar inverter Growatt SPF 5000W: -WORKING PRINCIPLE-This Wifi module is a plug-and-play monitoring device to help monitor the status of the PV system, this device is installed on an inverter or controller for uploading and receiving data from the server. 50 meters long-range, wide coverage. -PLUG-AND-PLAY-USB plugs in to a specific port in ways series conditioning systems. It can be plugged into 24V /48V LVM inverter anywhere. -ONLINE MONITORING AND MAINTENANCE-ACCESS– Control, program your the status of the PV system from anywhere in the world using a smartphone.

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