-With integrated LED for optimal illumination of the work area - can be switched on separately -With true color filter for a more realistic color representation with high working comfort* -Suitable for all common welding processes -Optimum protection through automatic darkening when the arc is ignited -Sensor-controlled system with a very short reaction time (DIN EN 379, class -Automatic shading control - for comfortable, uninterrupted work -Variably adjustable sensitivity and flashing time -Automatically brightens up again when the welding process is complete -Infinitely adjustable DIN protection level with lateral setting wheel -Also adjustable for flying sparks during grinding work -Lightweight helmet that wraps around the head and has an adjustable headband -Suitable for ambient temperatures from -5 to 55 °C -Suitability: all common welding processes -Field of view: 9.2 x 4.2 cm -Darkening time: 0.0002 s (according to EN 379) -Adjustable DIN protection level: 5-9 / 9-13 -UV/IR protection: DIN 16

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