-Quick start thanks to reduced warm-up time -Mains operated – work at constant temperature and high melting power -Thanks to the charging station, the device can be used cordlessly for small gluing jobs -For standard glue sticks Ø 11 mm -Versatile tool for gluing, caulking, grouting, crafting and decorating -Folding stand for safely placing the device outside the charging station -Versatile thanks to 2 operating modes: -Cordless operation for precise, fast and on-time bonding jobs -Mains operated with power cord for continuous bonding work -Nominal power consumption: 25 W (500 W when put into service) -Heating time: approx. 5 minutes (approx. 150°C) -Max temperature: 190°C (+/- 10°C) -Supplied accessories: 3 glue sticks of 18 cm each -Length: Power cord: 2m

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