-Assortment of blind rivets: _To easily join different materials (sheet metal, cardboard, etc.) _320 pieces: 80x (2.4 x 5.5mm); 60x (3.2 x 3.2mm); 50x (3.2x6mm); 60x (3.2 x 7.5mm); 40x (4.0 x 8mm); 30x (4.8 x 8mm) -Gasket assortment: _For sealing pipes etc. _125 pieces: 15x (3 x 1.5mm); 10x (4.4x2mm); 10x (5x2mm); 10x (7x1.5mm); 10x (10x1.5mm); 10x (13x1.5mm); 5x (10x2.5mm); 5x (11x2.5mm); 5x (13x2.5mm); 5x (14 x 2.5mm); 5x (16x2.5mm); 5x (18 x 2.5mm); 5x (19 x 2.5mm); 5x (21x2.5mm); 5x (22 x 2.5mm); 5x (18 x 3.5mm); 5x (20 x 3.5mm); 5x (22 x 3.5mm) -Assortment of hooks and pegs: _For attaching clotheslines, etc. _151 pieces: 60x 1 1/8"; 50x 1 5/8"; 12x 2½"; 12x 1 12/16"; 12x 1 15/16"; 5x 3 3/8" -Assortment of clamps: _8x (7-16mm); 6x (10-23mm); 4x (19-27mm); 2x (16-32mm); 2x (21-38mm); 4x (19-44mm) -Assortment of heat-shrink tubing: _For fixing and waterproof connection of cables, etc. _127 pieces: 30x (2 x 40mm); 25x (2.5x40mm); 20x (3.5x40mm); 20x (5.0 x 40mm); 16x (7x80mm); 8x (10x80mm); 8x (13x85mm)

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