-Trendy design Ultra-resistant glass platform Compact, with Hanging hoop for an easy storage -Optiss: attractive yet practical scales, for precision cooking with a splash of colour! -You’ll love the bright, fashionable color of our Optiss kitchen scale. -Nice Design, also it’s ultra accurate to each gram or deciliter of ingredients and liquids. -The Optiss scales are efficient and practical, due to an integrated wall hook to let you hang them up anywhere. -it can also be stored either horizontally or vertically because of their compact design means . -Also it features an automatic tare function, that subtracts the weight of your ingredient container. -Ultra-slim glass design. -Integrated wall hook for easy storage. -Optional cl/dl liquid-measuring function. Accurate to each gram, from 0 to 5 kg. -Manual and automatic on/off. -100% electronic for total reliability. -Essentials: -Compact with hanging hoop for an easy storage -Tara function -Liquid function: cl/dl -Ultra-resistant glass platform

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